Campground Rules

We have established the following rules so that everyone can enjoy their stay at Black Bear Resort & campground.
Please respect your fellow campers, and these rules, so we can all enjoy our time here

When in doubt, follow the "Golden Rule" and treat your fellow campers as you would like to be treated.

CHECK IN TIME IS: 3:00pm. All Check-Ins must come to the office.
CHECK OUT TIME IS: 11:00am. If no one is checking into your site and you would like to stay after 11:00am, please notify the office. Late check-out fees apply. Anyone staying past 5:00pm will be charged for an additional night stay.
Rates are based on 2 adults and 4 children. An additional fee per night, per person applies for more than 2 adults and/or more than 4 children.
Maximum occupancy for Rustic Cabins is 3-6 people Depending on which Cabin you have reserved.
Maximum occupancy for Rental RV & 6 people.
Children may not be left unattended in the campground without adult supervision. Children must be on their site by dark unless accompanied by an adult. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children's behavior.
Quiet Hours are in effect from 10:00pm until 8:00am daily. Any unreasonably loud noise is prohibited at any time, including TV's, Radios and Generators.
Only one RV per site. (Exception: a small tent may also be on the site, fees may apply).
No tents in cabin areas
Only two vehicle per site, other vehicles must be directed where to park by management.
No bike riding after dark.
Sinks in restrooms are not to be used for washing pets or dishes.
Sewer hoses must be in good condition with proper elbows.

All garbage must be placed in the garbage cans located around property. Do not deposit garbage in fire pits. Campsite must be kept clean during occupancy and cleaned upon departure. DO NOT leave garbage on the site.
Please do not hang clothes from trees or bushes.
Washing of RV's, cars or other vehicles is NOT PERMITTED.
All day visitors must register at the office. Visitor fees apply – children 6 years and under are free. All visitors must exit the campground by 10:00pm. Campers assume full responsibility for any visitor to their site.
Vehicles must be street legal and operated by a licensed driver on established roadways. No golf carts / motorized scooters / mini-bikes, etc. No parking on neighboring sites. ATV's may only be ridden in to and out of the park, not to be used for transportation within the park.
Please abide by the posted speed limit signs to keep our campers safe.
NO SMOKING in any building on site, including restrooms. Also, please be sure to PICK UP YOUR CIGARETTE / CIGAR BUTTS. SMOKING MARIJUANA IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Non-compliance will result in forfeiture of your campsite. No refund will be provided.
Cutting, trimming or damaging standing trees, plants or other living vegetarian is prohibited.
Tree climbing is prohibited.
PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH baby wipes or any other sanitary wipes into our septic system. Even if they say they are flushable, they still cause trouble to our septic system.
Please do not cut through other people's campsites.
Dry, affordable FIREWOOD is available for purchase and can be delivered to your site upon request. Please be responsible and use the fire rings provided, keep your fire a reasonable size and be sure that it is completely out before you leave the site or go to bed for the evening.
ALCOHOL is permitted. However, excessive use or use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated and will be reported to local authorities. As solely determined by management, drunkenness, any disorderly conduct, illegal drug use, obscene language, any disrespectful/rowdy behavior by you, your guests, pets, children or anyone in your campsite will subject you and your group to permanent loss of your camping privileges and immediate ejection without a refund.

All reservations require payment in full at the time of reserving. Holiday and Special Event Weekends require a 2-Day stay.


CANCELLATION (48) hours or more prior to the beginning of your stay, a $20.00 Cancellation fee will be charged.
CANCELLATION less than 48 hrs prior to the beginning of your stay, one nights' stay will be charged.
There are no refunds of unused days or the discomforts of Mother Nature.


QUIET AND WELL-MANNERED PETS are allowed and welcomed at the campground. No more than two (2) pets per site. A one time $10.00 pet fee per dog
Pets must always be on a hand-held leash and kept under control. Unattended, aggressive or loud animals will be considered a violation of these rules.
EXCESSIVE BARKING will not be tolerated.
No Pets on the beds in Rustic Cabins. We have loaner pet beds available.

You must clean up after your pet.

Pet Policy

Currently we are allowing Dogs in our Rustic Cabins and our Tent/camping/RV sites.
(I agree to a one time $10.00 pet fee, per dog, max 2 dogs)

*** Please keep pets off the beds***

1) Guest agrees to local ordinances, including safety leash requirements and will be responsible for any damages which may occur by their pet.

2) Guest agrees not to leave their pet unattended for any period of time.

3) Guest agrees to clean up after their pet and to dispose of their pet's waste properly and quickly.

4) Guest agrees to not leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their dwelling where it may attract other wildlife.

5) Guest agrees to keep their pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and will remedy immediately any complaints made through the Owners or Manager.
We do require our guest to agree to all of the above when bringing their Doggies.