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Hampton, Tennessee Restaurants

Hampton, Tennessee has a variety of restaurants that serve delicious foods. We have seafood, burgers and Thai food that you need to try! Check out some of our favorites down below.
Mayflower Seafood Restaurant
Mayflower Seafood Restaurant is the place to be if you're a seafood lover. The portions are large and filling with reasonably fair prices. The staff works hard to provide the best possible service for guests to have an outstanding experience.
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J's Corner
J's Corner serves the finest burgers and barbecue in Elizabethton. The menu consists of classic American cuisine with many options of burgers, subs, salads, hotdogs, and BBQ. Stop by for a satisfactory meal at J's Corner.
Thai-Am serves authentic Thai food that comes in large portions. The atmosphere at this restaurant is homey and relaxing. The friendly service there will make you want to come again and again.
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